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Plastic and Rubber Products

The outstanding niche of rubber and plastic products has a staunch presence in Estrie. The fact that so multinationals and many subcontractors have located here should come as no surprise, given the leadership role that Estrie holds and is consolidating on the international level.

The Memphrémagog region plays a major role in this business niche. Starting with the fabrication of rubber parts and seals for the automotive industry, this field of activity has broadened to include sophisticated composites used in manufacturing blades for wind-operated devices, boat hulls, and components used in the transportation industry.

Magog is fortunate to have the Centre Intégré de Formation Industrielle (CIFI) in its industrial park. This is Quebec's only facility providing tailored training to produce workers qualified for this business niche. This multipurpose center has cutting-edge equipment and facilities dedicated for delivering tailored training in the areas of composite materials (carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar®), rubber and plastics processing, and the fabrication of molds and dies. CIFI can rapidly train highly qualified individuals whose work quality has gained recognition throughout the entire industry.

Elastomer Valley

Elastomer Valley consists of a group of companies from the Eastern Townships, Central Quebec and Montérégie regions of Quebec that have joined forces to pursue development opportunities. They include equipment and tooling manufacturers, custom mixers, processors and suppliers, all experts in their respective fields that have joined forces to pursue development opportunities.

Strategic orientations

  • Support consolidation and diversification
  • Increase innovation capacity
  • Attract strategic companies
  • Ensure availability of a skilled workforce
  • Support companies with the implementation of environmental solutions


Industry Snaphot

The plastic / rubber product niche includes 8 companies employing 587 people, which represents 14.62% of the manufacturing jobs in the Memphrémagog region1.  Camoplast Solideal inc., one of these companies, is a world leader in developing and manufacturing products and systems for on- and off-road vehicles. In 2007, Camoplast set up its rubber-products research center in Magog.

1 - Source: CLD de la MRC de Memphrémagog, December 31, 2013.

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