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Key Players in the Region

Memphrémagog's textile industry is quite diversified, including world-class firms in various fields. These key players opted for the Memphrémagog region, where they found everything they needed to continue growing. These businesses have helped spread the news about our region throughout national and international markets.

Their success clearly demonstrates the Memphrémagog region is open for business across the world and has all of the resources necessary to make any business successful.

These firms are involved in various business lines and stand out as models for success.

ArjoHuntleigh Magog

Founded in 1991 by local entrepreneurs under the name BHM Medical Inc. ArjoHuntleigh is located in Magog's industrial park. This company  designs, manufactures, and sells a full line of patient lifts and transfer equipment to enhance the quality of life of our aging population and individuals with reduced mobility. The company's philosophy has always been to provide reliable, high-quality products that help protect caregivers against back injury and occupational accidents while providing greater comfort for individuals with reduce mobility.

ArjoHuntleigh is a subsidiary of the multinational Getingue Group, based in Sweden, a leading distributor of medical equipment. ArjoHuntleigh Magog primarily targets the private- and public-sector institutional markets. The firm currently exports to Europe, Australia, the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. It employs 160 people in Magog.

Camoplast Solideal inc.

Camoplast Solideal inc. designs, develops, and manufactures an extensive range of specialized products and systems for the world's leading manufacturers of on- and off-road vehicles. The firm decided to set up its technical center in Magog's industrial park in fall 2007. Camoplast has consolidated all of its research-and-development activities in these new facilities, which contains a materials laboratory, product testing rooms, and a site for testing vehicles and components. This center employs 160 people.


Founded in Magog in 1988, Conceptromec designs and manufactures automated equipment for the rubber industry. The firm has earned a sound reputation for itself. Its unique, custom-made products have made it a major player in international markets. Indeed, 85% of its customers are outside of Quebec, mainly in the United States.

Its facilities in Magog's industrial park employ 105 people.

AkzoNobel Pâte et Performance Canada inc.

Established in Magog since 1979, the AkzoNobel plant is part of the pulp-and-paper division, which is just one of AkzoNobel Chemical's many business activities. It produces sodium chlorate, a white crystal (similar in appearance to table salt) that is used in the pulp-and-paper industry as a replacement for chlorine in the pulp bleaching process. Eka also produces hydrogen—most of which is sold to Linde—as a byproduct of sodium-chlorate production.

The firm, which has 60 employees in Magog, is AkzoNobel’s world's largest producer of sodium chlorate. The enterprise benefits from the services of Hydro-Magog, being one of its most important client.

Gurit Americas

The Swiss Gurit Holding AG chose Magog for its plant, which is located in the industrial park. The plant produces structural foam (marketed under the name Corecell™) used in the construction of boats and wind-turbine blades. The plant also produces prepreg ans epoxy resins.

Gurit's Magog plant includes a laboratory with cutting-edge equipment, enabling them to test the quality of existing products and develop new ones (R&D). Moreover, Gurit's structural-foam expertise is centered in Magog.

The firm has 250 employees in its Magog plants.

Linde Canada Ltd

The Linde Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of liquified and compressed gases, and chemicals. The products marketed by this German company are used in a variety of sectors, such as energy, food processing, glass production, chemical processing, and metallurgy.

The Magog plant specializes in producing liquid and compressed hydrogen. The facility, with its 53 employees, is Linde's largest liquid-hydrogen plant in the world. Its hydrogen supply comes from Eka Chimie, which is also located in Magog's industrial park.

Wulftec International inc.

Wulftec International, founded in 1990, is located in Ayer’s Cliff and has 187 employees. It is a leader in the development, production, and distribution of stretch wrappers.

The M.J. Maillis Group acquired Wulftec in 2002. Maillis, established in Greece, designs, manufactures, and distributes end-of-line packaging solutions, including strapping, stretch-wrapping, and shrink-wrapping materials and machines. The group's overall resources enabled it to bolster Wulftec's competitive advantage and its capacity to provide the finest solutions that meet the individual needs of its customers.

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