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Technical Support

Role of the Business Development Team

  • To work with the promoter at every step in starting up a project;
  • To give the promoter relevant work tools;
  • To direct the promoter to sources of information that will be useful for the proposed business;
  • To identify the most appropriate funding sources for the project;
  • To provide all the elements needed for decision-making.

Services :

Assistance in drawing up a business plan

The CLD de la MRC de Memphrémagog have decided on an approach by which the business development team work with promoters; they provide advice and it is the promoters who actually draw up their own business plan. This approach allows promoters to better understand what a business plan is and why it is absolutely indispensable. It also enables them to have real “ownership” of their own nascent businesses. This is an asset when it is time to negotiate financing.

Preparation of the forecasted financial statements

The CLD de la MRC de Memphrémagog offers professional assistance in preparing the financial statements for the future business enterprise, based on information supplied by the promoter.

Research on sources of funding

The CLD can help you identify the funding you need, including loans, loan guarantees or grants, through research.


The CLD de la MRC de Memphrémagog, in cooperation with the Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Centre, offers mentoring, which consists in pairing people who want to share their business knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs.

This service is for people who want to take advantage of the expertise of seasoned businesspeople to develop their management skills as well as to discuss their experiences and approaches to different aspects of their businesses. 

Businesspeople who want to find out more about mentoring should contact the CLD, by telephone at 819 843-9292, or by e-mail at info@mrcmemphremagog.com.

For more information about the Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Center, visit their Web site: http://www.dobsonlagasse.ca/.


Upon occasion, the CLD de la MRC de Memphrémagog offers training to businesspeople, often in cooperation with partners from government, school boards, and the like.

You can stay up-to-date on our activities by regularly visiting the Upcoming Events section on the home page of our Web site. 

Ready to get your business project under way?

Just follow these steps.

  1. Attend a CLD information meeting.
    These meetings, which normally last 90 minutes, are held at CLD offices. The contents include more information about technical assistance provided by the CLD, available financial programs, and tips on presenting your proposal to a business development consultant.

    To attend one of these information meetings, just register by telephone by calling 819-843-9292, extension 300, or by e-mail. The information-meeting schedule is published in the Upcoming Events section of our Web site. 
  2. Fill out a draft proposal (electronic version available in the toolbox section of our Web site).
  3. Bring your draft proposal and curriculum vitæ to the CLD reception desk or send them by e-mail to: info@mrcmemphremagog.com.
    A business development consultant will contact you to set up an orientation meeting. 
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