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Regional Profile

The MRC of Memphremagog: an outstanding region

The Memphrémagog region stands out for its exceptional geographic location, pool of qualified workers, and incomparable quality of life. The regional tourism association has drawn on this quality of life—for which the region has become so well-known—to position the Eastern Townships along the theme of the art of living.

The MRC territory is shared among seventeen municipalities comprising 48 551 permanent residents.1 No doubt that Magog remains the regional economic cornerstone of both, the industrial and commercial areas. More than 25 000 persons have selected Magog1 for their permanent residence.

The territory covers 1327 km2 and offers several distinctive geographical elements such as the massif, the lakes and rivers scattered throughout the region. Such is the case of Lake Memphremagog at the very heart of the MRC, shaping a barrier separating the region in two distinctive areas. In addition, 71 % of the territory is forest, thereby making it a unique natural heritage area in which the quality, maturity and the variety of the woodland are accentuated.

Economically, the manpower is mainly in the secondary and tertiary sectors. The tertiary sector has been especially prosperous due to the surge in tourism and to the progressive transformation of the manufacturing sector, becoming more and more diversified and being composed of many new small and medium sized businesses.

1. Source : Statistics Canada, 2011 census.

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