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Fonds de développement et de consolidation des entreprises d'économie sociale (FDCEÉS)

Its mission is to promote the development and the consolidation of socioeconomic organizations. Socioeconomic is defined as activities and organizations resulting from collective entrepreneurship and operates under the following principles: its service objective is primarily to the members or the community, it is self-managed, it uses a democratic decision-making process, people and labor have priority over capital in the distribution of surpluses and revenues, the organization extols a participative style of management and it fosters individual and collective accountability and responsibility. This type of business may be covering any area of activity that is in direct response to the needs of the population and the community.


Start up and funding section:

  • This type of organization must be producing goods or services, be financially viable and generate long-lasting jobs. Their financial sources are diversified and generate independent incomes;
  • The organization must be incorporated as a co-op or as a nonprofit organization;
  • The project must respond to specific social needs as identified by the community and its objectives must be in full agreement with the local business plan pertaining to the economic and employment situation;
  • The project must be thoroughly fulfilled within the year following its financing;
  • The project must be incidental to job maintenance and job creation.


For projects of funding of enterprises, the financial arrangement must demonstrate the everlastingness of the enterprise. Such a financial arrangement will evidently include recurrent contributions of other governmental sources.

Financial aid:

Start up section:

Financial aid shall be awarded as a non repayable subsidy. Combined financial aid from the provincial and federal governments, and the MRC, may not exceed 80% of all eligible expenses.

Funding section:

For the projects of funding of enterprises, the amount cannot be superior to the total of the incomes received by the enterprise against part of the sale of goods or the benefit of services. In the context of this program, an enterprise will be able to benefit from such a subsidy for a maximum of 2 years.

Eligible expenses:

Start up section:

  • Capital expenditures such as land, building, equipment, rolling material, cost of incorporation and other similar expenditures, except for any goodwill expenses;
  • Acquisition of technology, software, patents and any other similar expenses, excluding R & D related expenses;
  • Required working capital as it relates to the company's operation, computed for the first year of operation.

Funding section:

  • The financial aid is destined to support temporarily enterprises of the social economy. This financial help also can serve to finance the purchase of services applicable to the steps of funding.


Start up section:

  • The expenses affected to the realization of a project but done before the date of the receipt of the official help demand by the MRC are not admissible.
  • The agreed financial aid cannot serve to the working of an organism, to the financing of its service of the debt, to the repayment of loans to come or to the financing of a project already carried out.

Documents to be provided to the MRC:

  • The request for financial aid form duly completed;
  • A copy of the business plan;
  • A résumé of the promoters;
  • Any other documents required by the MRC.
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