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Market Niches

Plastic and Rubber Products

The outstanding niche of rubber and plastic products has a staunch presence in Estrie. The fact that so multinationals and many subcontractors have located here should come as no surprise, given the leadership role that Estrie holds and is consolidating on the international level.

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Market Niches

Metal Products

The metal-products industry ranks high in the Memphrémagog region. In fact, it accounts for more than 13% of our industrial jobs.

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Market Niches

Nonmetallic Mineral Products

The sector of nonmetallic mineral products plays a major role in the Memphrémagog region's manufacturing activity. Most of the businesses in this niche are involved in the granite industry and located primarily around Stanstead, which is considered the granite capital of Canada.

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Employees from Wulftec International inc. at work.

Market Niches

Key Players in the Region

Memphrémagog's textile industry is quite diversified, including world-class firms in various fields. These key players opted for the Memphrémagog region, where they found everything they needed to continue growing. These businesses have helped spread the news about our region throughout national and international markets.

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MRC de Memphrémagog

Partner in the Memphrémagog's Regional Economic Development

The MRC de Memphrémagog is now responsible for local economic development in the Memphrémagog region.

If you're considering starting up a business, setting up a plant, or expanding your business, the CLD's team offers assistance and resources to make your idea a reality.

The Memphrémagog region has many advantages: exceptional geographic position, pool of qualified workers, colleges and universities in both official languages, financial assistance for business projects, and many business services. The region is also known for its captivating natural environment and outstanding quality of life.

These combined advantages make Memphrémagog the ideal location for setting up a business.
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