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The annual report

Over the course of the year 2015, the MRC de Memphrémagog was very busy carrying out its many mandates. The year was notable for the significant number of projects related to the economic development of the region.

 The annual report for 2015 is available only in french (2 MB)


Directory of Manufacturing Concerns 2016

This direcroty presents the manufacturing concerns located in the MRC de Memphrémagog region.

Répertoire des entreprises industrielles 2016 (933 K, in French)


Local Economic and Employment Action Plan

The 2012–2014 Local Economic and Employment Action Plan (LEEAP) sets out the main components for priority action in each of the CLD's sectors of activity over five years.

 The Local Economic and Employment Action Plan (LEEAP)  (811 KB, in French)



Le milieu naturel pour vos affaires (in French)

General brochure on the services offered by he CLD. (5,09 Mo PDF)


Why choosing the Magog area?

General brochure on the economic portrait of and the industrial development potential of the city of Magog.


Specialized brochure on the plastic, rubber and composite sector.



Memphrémagog, plus qu’une opportunité d’affaires! (in French)

This document presents, from a tourist point of view, a portrait of the Memphrémagog region and aims to inform potential developers and investors and stimulate their interest to choose Memphrémagog to achieve their development projects.

 Memphrémagog, plus qu’une opportunité d’affaires! (3,37 Mo)


Guide for those who help

Pamphlet produced by the Table de développement social Memphrémagog, presenting resources offering support to someone who has lost his job.

 Guide for those who help (229 Ko)


Politique de gestion contractuelle (in French)

 Politique de gestion contractuelle du CLD de la MRC de Memphrémagog - 2011 (66 K)

Selon les articles 94.1 de la Loi sur le ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation et 477.6 de la Loi sur les cités et les villes (LCV), le CLD de la MRC de Memphrémagog doit publier la liste des contrats octroyés de 25 000 $ et plus.

La liste sera publiée dès que de tels contrats seront accordés par le CLD et les renseignements demeureront disponibles pour une période de trois ans.

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